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Mrs. Houdini

Mrs. Houdini
Women speak their stories through poems: the seven wives of Zeus, a clay-eater, the Old Testament Leah, a medieval woman accused of witchcraft, a suicidal mother, Peter Pan's Wendy, and the poet herself.

Published by University Presses of Florida
9780813009148 (hardcover)

Selections from Mrs. Houdini

Mrs. Houdini Reviewers' Comments

"This work transforms the mythic into the personal, the personal into the mythic." - Poetry Society of America

"Simply told and resonant without making an explicit feminist statement, these poems describe individual women with compassion and delicacy." - Publisher's Weekly

"If the history of a men's world has, in its all too unknowing grandiosity, shouldered aside the emotional history of a women's world, here is a poet who can help us imagine what we have missed. Not that these poems aren't full of love and pity for the men's world: it's the rupture between the two that this poet mourns, and the subversive powers of the imagination that she celebrates." - William Matthews

"Her utterly unaffected poems are fast and true. And how fortunate we are when clarity of style serves a subject that engages the whole psyche. Again and again in Mrs. Houdini, she holds the private life against the archetype. No one has written poems of the feminine experience that are less strident or more profoundly political." - Rodney Jones