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Tribal Knot


In the days my father’s mother
was dying, the room was busy
with daughters. My father brought flowers,
wrote checks, touched the face
powdered and creamed
after a morning bath.
Their shared breathing filled, emptied
the room. He stared at his hands:
what would be asked?
The Pieta teaches only
how a mother holds a son.
As a child too young for his father’s
field, he’d followed the dark braid
coiled on his mother’s head. The weight
of day loosened it, by evening, pins slid
onto the swept floor. His mother
would sigh, untie her apron
and, still as a child, allow
the undoing: the comb’s ragged
teeth, sparks igniting the air,
her son’s hands smoothing, smoothing.

• First published in Bellevue Literary Journal
From Deep Light: New and Selected Poems
More Poems on Loss, Grief and Healing